Do you find yourself working harder and later to try and move forward? Are you neglecting your health in an effort to make more money?

For years I was so focused on trying to make money that I would get home late. I wanted to get to the gym but decided to hang out with my wife at home and really not get anywhere. I was eating out each day, drinking multiple flat whites and getting fat slowly. I didn’t realise that I was getting chubby until I got a haircut then saw the double chins. It was time to make a change.

If you treat your body like a temple and put good stuff in you will get great stuff coming out.

Here are my easy tips that help me have a healthy mind and body:

Rule 1: I always aim to get at least 6 hours sleep per night, no more that 8. I get up and go to the gym even if I have to get up at 4am in the morning. Get it done first thing in the day so then it is done. Surprising I always feel more energised.

Rule 2: I changed my eating pattern. I don’t eat anything until 1pm each day. I have a black coffee for breakfast and another for a morning snack. I then eat whatever I feel like until 9pm, then repeat every day. I try to limit take away meals in the week and just stick to healthy home cooked meals. For lunch I have a serve of meat such as steak, chicken, fish and a serve of green vegies only.

I love coffee – I found if I have my coffee but don’t have milk there are like zero calories. Get into the habit of black coffees only. If you don’t like the taste try an iced long black or a short black and knock it down quickly. Did you know one milky coffee is equal to a snack so you shouldn’t have more than 1 per day.

If you find exercise is boring – try mixing it up. Sometimes I just get out for a walk along the river/up a local hill to look at nice houses and get motivated. I try and focus on breathing in fresh air. Or if you can afford it just call a PT and book in for a session. Spend money on your health and don’t think about it.

I have recently lost 10kg’s just by implementing these simple disciplines. I am keen to hear what worked well on your weight loss journey or if you want to know more message me as I would love to chat.