Project Description

To enhance your business performance it is imperative you have the equipment and support you can rely on.

At Kyocera, one of our key values is “Service Excellence” and we pride ourselves in providing high level service to our customers. These key values are set globally so no matter where you are in the world, you can rely on Kyocera service teams delivering reliable and efficient support services.

Support you can trust

To maintain service excellence Kyocera follows the key elements from the ITIL* Service strategy foundations, encompassing:

All our engineers are managed through the latest job dispatch software available to select the most suitable engineer for the fastest response.

Our statistics report our average response time is under 4 hours and our device uptime is higher than 98% on average.

Faster response for support enquiries.

Kyocera’s team of highly trained Helpdesk Agents are located in Sydney and will provide either phone or email support to you.

With our Team of Service Engineers based in all major capital cities it is important you know they are factory trained on all Kyocera equipment including our range of software.

All Kyocera service engineers are equipped with the latest tools to provide the highest level of service repair, real time reporting, for ultimate customer satisfaction.

At Kyocera we recognise all businesses rely on printing and scanning to effectively run their day to day operations, so Kyocera response times are tailored to suit your business requirements. It is imperative that when support is required you have the security of knowing you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and that a service representative will turn up on time. We back these promises by providing you with an array of comprehensive reporting, reports that will state our response times, machine uptime and reliability, maximising efficiencies to help reduce your costs.

Latest service management software.

Kyocera’s Service Management System (Evatic) allows seamless service job dispatch in real time, so there are no delays when you need an engineer to turn up

A customer portal is available for all our customers providing a complete overview of their fleet, this enables a user to:

• Log a service call
• Place an order for consumables
• Keep track of registered service calls


Live maps customer & engineer locations.


Our team of service co-ordinators insure your call is attended to promptly, using a series of real time map views showing engineer and service call locations.


Reporting Tools enable quick analysis of all devices, consumable usage and service call history.

Devices can be assessed for planned service work carried out as a preventative maintenance measure.

All Service Engineers utilise a Service Application to record travel time, job start and finish times, directly on their Smart Phone.
The app includes information on machine service history, allows part ordering in real time and automated meter reading collection. When the service call is completed the job can be signed off directly on the Smart Phone and a copy of the service report sent directly to the customer

Reliability you can count on

Kyocera is committed to designing and manufacturing leading edge products which encompass outstanding long-life design and reliability performance has earned our printers a strong reputation worldwide.
With ultra-reliable technology designed into every Kyocera multifunction device providing a comprehensive range of document solutions for every user.
Kyocera is leading the industry with Long Life Unit technology reducing the frequency of part replacement and reducing waste.
Each major component utilises LLU components that are designed to last.

Key design features:
• Unified User interface for all Multifunctional Devices.
• Designed for easy replacement of components quickly and efficiently – reducing downtime.

KFS System Overview


Remote Support to assist users over the phone


Device Reporting colour/mono ratio, consumable usage,


Floor Map visualise all Kyocera equipment – instant machine status.


Remote Firmware Upgrade to ensure your Kyocera device is always up to date


A service message will be sent to the MFD display

Latest flee management software

KYOCERA Fleet Services (KFS) provides a total device management solution in the cloud.
Some of the major functions include the management of devices, tasks, device counter collection, reporting, and firmware upgrades. It requires no installation because it operates on a cloud based platform. A browser and internet connection make access to the service easy.

To complement our service team, Kyocera also has one of the best Fleet Management Tools available for your Kyocera device. Not only can we provide automatic toner replenishment and meter reading collection, the Kyocera Fleet Service (KFS) software provides a comprehensive remote maintenance feature.
Remote maintenance is the service of the future, having the ability to evaluate the device remotely means less downtime and greater productivity. Minimise errors on the screen or please wait messages, your Kyocera equipment is always ready.

Key benefits of KFS will mean Kyocera can manage the service of your equipment even before the problem is known. Each Kyocera device will monitor its own performance and report crucial information back to Kyocera. Kyocera will determine if the problem can be resolved remotely or whether an engineer will need to attend on site.

Customisation unique to your needs

At Kyocera we take pride in our ability to deliver exactly what the customer requires. We provide consultation services that can deliver a solution customised to your exact needs. Ask us, we’ve probably got just what you are looking for. As we are the manufacturer we can utilise resources in our offices around the world for programming, design and architecture.

All Kyocera MFD’s have the ability to customise colour profiles so you can select the best colour for your needs, both in printing and copying. Our service team are on hand to assist users to provide the perfect match to your needs.

Just like smart phone technology we can design an application for you that can be used directly on the MFD display.