Project Description

Do You Want To Avoid Large Up-Front Costs, As Well As The Extra Yearly Expense Of Having To Pay For Software Updates?

Lease, rent or hire office printer photocopiers over 2-5 years and you won’t need to pay any cash upfront.

GDS offers you a predictable payment, with the same costs across all equipment, regardless of type or brand. There are no hidden monthly fees and our pricing is totally transparent – so you know what you are getting for the money.

What if my business changes and the equipment no longer suits my needs?

When you enter into a finance plan, you want to ensure it offers you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your machine within your term to suit your budget.

If you want an ‘out of the box’ print photocopying solution please call us to discuss. We also have the ability to fund 2nd hand equipment and we pay cash to business owners to trade in old equipment should they wish to source their new equipment from us.

Our Leasing Plan Benefits

  • You don’t have to outlay any cash upfront to get the machine you want. Leasing is counted as an operating expense so it’s fully tax deductible.

  • One easy predictable monthly payment, that which fits within your budget and includes everything (machine, servicing, toner).

  • Reduces the stress for your admin team as all invoices are paid via direct debit facility.

  • You can afford new equipment now with little cash commitment.

  • Simple paperwork and systems and flexible end of contract options.

  • Outsource your printing headaches to us – free up your IT people’s time.

  • Time to upgrade your office photocopier. Get a free quote within 4 hours.

  • Let us help you move towards the paperless office you have always wanted by using our smart scanner.

  • Get a top quality printer so you can print your marketing documents in-house and even staple, fold and holepunh wonderful marketing brochures for a fraction of what you would spend outsourcing.

  • On a tight budget? Ask us about getting a 2nd hand A4 or A3 device for a fraction of their new price.

GDS Offers Australia Wide Delivery, Installation and Training With A Low Price Guarantee.

Start Saving Money Today

Leasing provides greater value to our clients who want to acquire items which have a long life and do not become obsolete after a short period of time. No initial capital outlay is required as payments are on a monthly basis until the end of the term. This means you can benefit from the items usage, while having working capital saved up for a rainy day.

Not sure a lease is the right choice for you? Then please call GDS to speak to one of our friendly team members who will help you choose the option best suited to your business needs.


Why Is Leasing Better Than Buying?

Leasing is a well-established and tax efficient form of finance, enabling cost-effective trade-up access to the very latest technology at the right time. GDS provides all clients with a PRINT AUDIT enabling us to monitor your office printing and copying and advise you on the most suitable machine for your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Leasing?

For many businesses the purchase of an important office utility such as a photocopier or printer may be a daunting investment, mainly due to the associated large up front sum but also the prospect of it becoming obsolete in five years time. Leasing a photocopier is the smart alternative with numerous good business-sense advantages.

Upgrade To The Latest Technology

Because the latest photocopier and printer machines are multifunctional i.e. they combine all the functions of a scanner, fax machine, printer, colour printer (if applicable), pdf writer, document manager (send files to email and mailbox), and photocopier, it makes sense to be able to upgrade all these products and facilities at the same time rather than having to deal with multiple outdated machinery. This is one of the newer benefits of leasing combined with the latest multifunctional technology.


Your Partner In Print

GDS provides the people and resources to help you meet your objectives. We’ll work closely with you as a strategic partner to ensure our advice takes into account all the factors affecting your business. Most importantly, we don’t just provide solutions, we get to know you and your business to help you grow.

Excellent Results

Companies spend an average 3% of their total earnings on print and document management. It has been shown in many cases that an effective Managed Print Strategy can reduce these costs by up to 40%.