Project Description

Minimize Manual Tasks

Designed to ensure your peace of mind in the future, GDS will incorporate a number of innovative, service-related functionalities.Tasks associated with collecting and reporting meters/counters such as the customer checking the meter/counter, then filling out a postcard or making a call, are no longer necessary with GDS Remote Management Solutions.

Monitor Fleet Activity

Besides the total pages printed by each printer, the service reports detailed device usage information, such as usage of each page size, double-sided printing rate, color/monochrome breakdown, and usage in each mode (copier, printer etc.). Periodic monitoring of each device on the network keeps track of the connection status and usage of each device.

Automating Service Call

A device’s self-diagnostic data is automatically forwarded to the GDS Data Center in the event of a breakdown or other problem. By receiving the information remotely GDS can take immediate and appropriate action, making rapid Service Technician arrangements to simplify the process of requesting a repair and minimizing device downtime.

Our remote monitoring solution moves us from a reactive service model to a proactive service model. In a reactive
service model, customers contact their dealer after their MFPs and printers malfunction. With their limited technical understanding of how the devices work, they are the ones who have to describe what’s wrong with the machine. This report is interpreted by a customer service representative and referred to a service technician who comes to fix the device.

Proactive Management

Fleet Security

Advanced Reporting

Problem Resolutions

In a proactive service model, problems are anticipated and prevented before they take place or fixed quickly after they occur. When something goes wrong with an MFP, information about the problem comes directly from the device, giving the service technician an accurate diagnosis and reducing the need for repeat service calls. Moreover, the device reports the error condition immediately, letting the tech arrive on site before the customer even knows there’s a problem.

Using A Single Tool

  • Discover devices

  • Configure devices

  • Create device groups & templates

  • Conduct remote diagnostics

  • Upgrade device firmware

  • Monitor and manage supplies

Flexible Technology Means Flexible Solutions

I found GDS to be a 1st class and professional company and have no hesitations in recommending them.

Peter Brown

Smooth transition from our old machine and supplier. New machine is very simple to use.

Selma Mathieson