Digital Whiteboard’s are now the future.

Avoid the hassles associated with traditional whiteboards including a confined writing space, limited annotation options, messy written communications and create unlimited amount of content on a infinite canvas space with a ViewBoard.  In a range of sizes from 55 inch screen and upwards.  Integrated casting allows content sharing for up to 6 users at a time and up to 50 users in a queue.

A Better Digital Whiteboarding Experience

The new Interactive ViewBoard Display lets you securely connect and collaborate like never before!  The Interactive ViewBoard delivers incredible interactive capabilities for the 21st century.

Featuring touchscreen capabilities and lets multiple uses, write, edit and draw on screen for presentations and creative brainstorming.  Whether you need to create dynamic engaging lessons or promote a collaborative meeting environment, the Interactive ViewBoard is the perfect solution.

Boost creativity and deliver your best presentation with the Interactive Panel which allows users to import files form the cloud. Create interesting content directly on the panel.  Browse for images, video’s then drag and drop them directly onto your board over wireless or cable networks.  Video communication is simplified as well with built-in inegrations communication tools ( Zoom, Go to meetings etc).  Multiple users can simultaneously annotate content such as documents, cloud files, multi-media.

Online Whiteboarding With Mobile Devices

Compatible across operating systems and other digital boundaries, brings students and team members around the world together to elaborate on their ideas by allowing them to write, draw and drag multimedia with ease.

Cloud Storage Integration

The embedded cloud integration panels, Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox, along with data syncing capabilities allow users to enable or disable cloud storage functionality.

Easy Content Sharing With Throw

Hosts and participants only need a Chrome browser to share screen images.  All the host needs to do is download and activate the whiteboard app allowing participants to instantly share images to the ViewBoard for annotation and collaboration

Magic Tool Box

Delivers whiteboarding tools, external camera plug -in and screen recording functions.  It also supports various file formats that can be opened and saved .

High Privacy & Security

ViewBoard runs on an enterprise-grade secure platform that enables group communication over the internet from anywhere.  Once logged out, files are saved to the default cloud storage provider; all access and temporary files are deleted without a trace.

Global Document Solutions are now offering the Interactive Visual Display Board, Lease or Purchase Outright.

Let us tailor a plan to suit your needs and bring your business into the 21st century.