You just got a call from one of your biggest prospects and landed the biggest deal for the year yet. You can’t wait to hand him 5 copies of a 20-page contract, to make it official, however, your then reliable copier, failed to cooperate. The paper jammed!

The story above is not ordinary especially to new businesses; we have them all the time.  Luckily, we always have a backup plan which is to rush to the nearest copier shop, after making a lame excuse to the prospect, hassle and sacrifice security of data.

Many of us are holding on to outdated office equipment, such as antiquated photocopiers and printers, due to the fear of spending money to upgrade.  Most of the offices claim, that the current copiers they have, are good enough and don’t see the need of change or upgrade.

So what are the Top 3 indicators which flash a green light to upgrade your copier?

1. Are your photocopiers aiding you to reach your business expectations or is it a hindrance?

If your equipment is 5 years or older, take time to look at the available features of newer models, that could help meet your business objectives.  If you do mostly scanning or mostly printing, different brands offer features of your choice.

TIP: Many manage print companies offer free feature and benefit comparison/consultation.  Spending 20 minutes with them is a good investment.

2. Machine repeatedly goes down: A huddle of your employees is constant around the copier every time.

A new copier saves you money, in a way that updated machines are more efficient and uses less energy. Also, maintenance and other operational costs will be avoided.  Sometimes, the right machines offer features to potentially print your marketing and other materials in house, instead of outsourced supplier.

TIP: Newer machines offer free service maintenance contracts, toners and even the paper.  (see: Global Document Solutions)

3. Maintenance cost of your older machine outweighs the cost of a new machine.

It is recommended that an upgrade should be made every five-ten years, depending on the frequency of the use and what the business demands.

TIP: We need not purchase a brand new machine outright.  Manage print companies like Global Document Solutions offers, leasing of brand new equipment, with an option to select a brand of your choice.

Looking at potential savings and gains at times, no longer an unnecessary expense but a competitive technological advantage that can help sky rocket our business production and make our employees happier.  Remember, happier and less stressed employees make clients happier and the cycle continues.

Repeated repairs, unmet security needs and hassle of shopping around for photocopiers are major things that can be avoided when we got a manage print professional (e.g. GDS) to do it for us.  Let us embrace the benefits brought by newer technology in a more efficient and cost effective way.