As organisations grow, it is common for new devices to be brought into service without old devices being taken out of service. In a mixed environment of old and new devices, the management of each of those devices can be very different. By standardising device platforms, management of your printing equipment can be make much simpler. Moreover, end users will not need to learn how to operate multiple hardware types and can focus on their day-to-day tasks instead of wondering how to print their documents.

Employees like the personal convenience of desktop printers. Unfortunately, that personal convenience comes at the expense of the organisation’s bottom line. Usually, the smaller the rated print volume on a particular device, the more expensive the device is. Small, personal printers can cos as much as four or five times that of departmental printing devices. By reducing the number of personal, desktop printers, not only will you eliminate the need to manage so many different devices, but the consolidation of the print volume can result in significant cost savings in toner, parts and maintenance costs.

Departmental printing devices are less expenses to operate than small, desktop printers. By positioning appropriately-sized work group printers and multi-function systems throughout your facility, you can increase efficiency as well as reduce overall cost.