Your business needs printing capabilities. It’s how you communicate with customers you don’t yet have, employees you can’t always see and the community in which you do business. When we say printing capabilities, we mean more than hovering over the printer you bought at the office supply store, waiting for it to warm up just so it can spit out one okay copy per minute.

As a business owner, you have less time to waste than most people, so each minute saved by technology or someone else taking tasks away from you is a minute you get to put back into your business. You know a high-quality printer will save you time, but you also can guess it’s a pretty big business investment. Let’s look at the differences between renting, leasing and buying a professional machine.


For those businesses that absolutely have printing needs but are dreading the money they’d have to pay upfront, or simply don’t have it, leasing becomes a perfect option. When business owners lease their printers, they don’t have to shell out initial money to get the machine they need. Unlike a short-term rental, leasing offers customers a manageable monthly payment spread out over a period of two to five years.

There is no extra administration burden because the fixed payment is paid via direct debit. Leasing is considered an operating expense so it’s fully tax-deductible, further increasing the financial benefit of a leasing program. You also will not have to spend any IT dollars on the upkeep of a leased printer because a service plan comes baked into your payment. At Global Document Solutions, we even offer remote management of our leased equipment.

Remote Management

This program removes tasks such as collecting and reporting counters then filling out postcards or making a call from your to-do list. This also eliminates the worry of having a machine break down and going through the frustrating process of trying to relay the problem to a technician over the phone. Now, your machine will communicate directly to us. Often times, we’ll know about an issue and be on our way to you before you’re even aware.

Remote management allows us to monitor your supplies and order them for you before you run out. No more running for the office supply shop to get toner. We’ll have it delivered to you as part of our agreement.

Flexibility Is Key

At Global Document Solutions, we want to partner with you as your business changes. When we enter into a financial agreement with you, we’ll make sure you’re covered should your business needs require an upgrade or even make a provision for needing to downgrade your machine.

Our agreements are straightforward, and our paperwork is easy to understand. We’ll offer you a fixed monthly payment with no surprises. There are no hidden fees, and everything we do is completely transparent.


If you’re thinking about buying a printer outright, there are a few large considerations. First, are you ready to spend that kind of cash? Yes, it’s a write-off, but the least expensive copiers can be a couple thousand dollars, while those for large corporations can run upwards of 50,000 dollars. When you outright buy, it’s your asset. But there are other things to consider that will also be yours if you buy a printer:

  • You’ll be responsible for stocking all supplies, including toner and drums.
  • You’ll need to make service calls even if it’s under warranty.
  • You may have to get an understanding of basic problem-solving to avoid the downtime of service calls.

Don’t forget depreciation. Printers aren’t that different from computers in that their value dramatically decreases the minute a new model comes out anywhere in the world. Any hopes you have of making a profit from reselling it should be managed because it’s just not realistic.

Technology changes, evolves and improves at a faster rate than most everything else in the world. That said, if you buy a printer, in five years, your state-of-the-art machine is going to be out of date. Because they’re so expensive, you may not be able to replace them as often as you’d like. The more time goes by, the fewer people will service your unit and the higher your per page printing costs will be.

Final Thoughts

We understand the mindset of wanting to own your equipment outright, and in many instances that makes sense. With technology like a printer, we firmly believe leasing an innovative machine for a fixed monthly payment that includes service and supplies is really an unbeatable option.

The company you go with matters, too. At Global Document Solutions, our whole business is to make your business more efficient and successful. We free up the money you would need to spend on an expensive machine and the time you spend dealing with a cheap one.

We’d love to start a conversation with you about how we can help your business run more smoothly. We won’t trap you in red tape but will offer straightforward and easy-to-understand paperwork that will have you up and running in no time with the state-of-the-art printer your business needs. You can contact us here or call any one of our stores in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane.