Choosing the right printer can be a daunting task. You want to make sure you get a printer that addresses everything you want and need from it while still making sense economically. Gone are the days when you just had to be happy with a machine that simply printed, copied, scanned, and faxed. Now you can ask for brilliant colour, certain tasks to be paperless, and unparalleled performance. So how does the “old standby” Canon stack up against the innovative Kyocera machines? Let’s take a look. 


Canon has been in the printing business for more than a century, so they have a legacy reputation of being a reliable company that makes reliable products. As such, they’ve become a staple in professional and home offices alike.


Kyocera has developed an award-winning line of TASKalfa and ECOSYS printers and multifunctional products (MFPs) that are focused on delivering innovative performance, business transforming applications, and lower operation costs.

We’re comparing printers that are the bedrock of corporate offices and others that promise unsurpassed performance. So, how does one compare to the other?

How They’re Similar

While there are distinct differences between printers from each company, there are some fundamental similarities in what the companies offer their consumers.

  • User Friendly

    Both Canon and Kyocera multifunctional printers (MFPs) are very user-friendly. These machines are easy to use, and most employees will be able to understand their capabilities quickly. Their touchscreen displays can take on the appearance and function of a tablet, making navigating their systems easy.

  • Printers For Every Budget

    Both companies want to help business owners grow their business and offer multifunctioning machines to fit most budgets. Each company offers printers to fit small, medium, and large workgroups with different copy and print volume needs. Printers from both Canon and Kyocera can grow with the needs of a business by offering add-ons that increase paper volume and add functions such as stapling, hole punch, and booklet folding capabilities.

  • High-Performance Capabilities

    Each company offers powerful machines to businesses that need them. If you need a printer that can handle more than 200,000 pages per month, you’ll find it in either company. They can also accommodate smaller workgroups that may only need up to 7,500 copies per month.

  • Paperless Transitioning

    Both Canon and Kyocera are committed to helping other companies transition to paperless methods of conducting business. These machines offer digital storage along with instant retrieval of any scanned document. This reduces the need for physical storage space and limits the risk of exposure of sensitive customer and proprietary information that paper volume can bring.

The Differences

Canon offers something Kyocera can’t, and that’s over a century of brand stability. Being a staple name in the industry can give Canon an edge with companies who just want a name they feel they can rely on. Kyocera has been around for over 50 years but hasn’t taken over the market the way Canon has…yet.

  • Less Downtime, More Productivity with Kyocera

    This company is not just committed to high quality but also to minimal downtime so companies can maximise their output. This commitment has earned them the best performance record in the business. Part of their success comes from Kyocera’s use of ceramic parts that last longer than traditional materials. They even put small ceramic particles in their toner so it’s constantly cleaning the drum.

    They’ve taken quite a bit of care to ensure their machines have fewer problems and that issues are quickly dispatched and resolved. They are known industry-wide for their reliability.

  • Cost of Use

    Several factors go into Kyocera being cheaper to operate than some Canon machines. The first is their fast warm-up and first copy output times, some as low as four seconds. They also have a locked toner door to ensure toner cartridges aren’t changed until they’re absolutely empty.

    Toner is one of the biggest expenses with any printer, and staff members may think they’re being proactive by changing a toner early, but, really, they’re wasting money. These toner doors unlock automatically when it’s time to change the toner.

  • Advanced Technology

    Kyocera may be a newer company, but they’re also more innovative than Canon. They’ve developed their own software development platform called HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions). This platform delivers a broad range of options that enable their printers to integrate with your current applications to operate in any business environment.

    This technology allows each employee to collaborate on projects, even if they’re not in the office. Team members that are offsite can see documents you’re working on so they can offer input, allowing the greater team to make decisions more quickly.

Our Conslusion

We believe Canon is a solid company that produces a quality product consumers can feel comfortable purchasing. Kyocera, however, is leading the way in both technological advances and reliability, cost-effectiveness, and functionality.

Lease the Right Multifunction Printer for Your Business

Knowing which printer you want is only part of the solution. The next step is figuring out how to pay for one. Should you tie up that much money by buying a printer up front? Printers, like computers, are depreciating assets, so you won’t be able to recoup much money if you want to sell it when it’s time to upgrade.

At Global Document Solutions, we make having the right multifunction printer for your business’s needs easy and affordable. We’ll collaborate with you to determine what the current printing needs of your business are and match you with the machine that will solve your comprehensive needs. The beauty of our business is that you can get the latest Kyocera printer for one manageable monthly payment and not put out any money up front.

Our monthly payments include a comprehensive service plan for remote monitoring. The machine you have will communicate with us and make us aware of any issue so we can respond, often before you’re even aware there’s a problem. Toner and drums are included in your monthly cost, too.

We’ve built our business on helping your business thrive by giving you the tools you need to present your brand in the most professional way possible. Having a high-quality printer like the Kyocera machines benefits your business in many ways:

  • It helps you make a top-notch impression on potential customers who may only see your offsite collateral.
  • It helps you represent your brand with high-quality, vibrant colour output.
  • High-quality printing reflects a professional mindset and operation.
  • Quick-to-print machines give you precious time back.

You can contact us here or call 1300 942 678 to discuss the exciting offers we have for business owners who want the power of innovation for their own companies.